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Welcome to our Reception phonics page. This page will be updated each week giving information about our progress in phonics.

All children are practising segmenting and blending words and reading and writing single graphemes and whole words.


We have been learning Phase 2 of the Letters and Sounds scheme.

All children should now be confident in recognising and articulating the phonemes, digraphs, high frequency and tricky words in this phase.


Most children have begun learning Phase 3 of the Letters and Sounds scheme.


We are continuing to work on applying our knowledge in phonics, incorporating new phonemes as we learn them, to support our reading and writing.

Correct phoneme articulation can be heard here

Some free games to support learning in phonics can be found on phonics play.

Mr Thorne Does Phonics is another popular resource for practising phonics.

The Jolly Phonics scheme is another favourite resource to support children's phonic learning.


Rhyming and sound discrimination are key ways to build phonological awareness. One way of supporting this is through the use of nursery rhymes. A wide selection of nursery rhymes can be found through the BBC.


Emergent writing

Let your child experiment with each hand as they develop a preference for a dominant hand.

Make marks together in a fun, creative and messy way! Try using ketchup, rice, flour, sand, glitter, paint - encourage them to use their finger to mark make, feeling the shapes of their marks/graphemes. As they gain confidence, move towards using a variety of mark making materials; pens, pencils, chalk, paint.

Do something unexpected to engage them, you're likely to find their concentration and focus will last longer!


Once your child has become confident in letter formation, the next stage is to begin word building. Enter into their world and engage them with their interests. Be creative with opportunities for writing. Here are some examples:

- Label dinosaurs

- Create certificates for a car race

- Make a name badge for superheroes

- Write invitations for the teddy bears picnic

- Write birthday cards for the dolls party

- Design and label a dress


Try not to let writing become a chore, make it fun and exciting, and bring it in to show us!