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Happy Easter!


We hope you have a lovely Easter holidays. Make sure you get lots of rest and we will see you on the 19th April!


Stay safe,

The Reception Team  smiley

Week beginning 29th March


Last week we learnt loads of facts about worms and frogs! We have been watching our frogspawn develop, wriggle and grow! I wonder how big they will get this week?

We are going to be carrying on our research into different animals and continuing to create our fantastic fact books!


We have also been learning about the Easter story and we are going to create our own Easter reflective area within our outdoor area. A space where we can have some quiet and enjoy the nature around us.


In Maths, we will be counting on from any given number. Maybe you could try rolling a dice and seeing if they can count on from that number?

We will also be practicing writing our number formations and making sure our numbers are facing the correct way. smiley​​​​​​​


See you soon!

Miss Turk


If you were not able to join us for our parent session on phonics this morning, or even if you were but want to hear it all again (!) the links are here. Enjoy! 

Week beginning 22nd March

Last week we had so much fun reading Sam's Sandwich and thinking of our own sandwiches filled with some nasty bug type surprises! After writing instructions we then followed them to make our own sandwiches (without the bugs!). They were really yummy!


This coming week we are investigators! We will be looking at all different types of animals and their habitats! We will be looking at non-fiction books and creating our own fact books about our chosen animals. 


Our maths focus is number bonds to ten. We will be looking at how to create the bonds through matching numicon together and other various maths resources. Perhaps you can make pairs games where they have to find the matching partner to make 10?


See you soon!

Miss Turk 

Week beginning 15th March

Last week was a wonderful return to school, the children were amazing and got right back into the routines and expectations of the classroom. Thankyou for all your support and warm, thoughtful messages, it's been a huge team effort to take care of our little tribe and your kindness makes all the difference!
We hope you have had a special Mothers' day and enjoyed the living gifts the children made with Mrs Amitrano this week too!


This coming week our key text is the wonderfully yukky story Sam's Sandwich! 

We will be creating instructional texts and making our own sandwiches at the end of the week, following our own instructions. 


Our maths focus is odd and even numbers, looking at visual and physical representations of numbers, how odd and even numbers make different patterns and shapes as well as recognising the numerals. Perhaps you can look at door numbers on a family walk - is there a pattern of numbers you can spot? 


See you soon! 

Mrs Bridges 

Welcome back! 

Week beginning 8th March

Welcome back to school! Now that we are fully open to all our students we can look forward to re-establishing our relationships with our friends and teachers.


From Monday 8th a member of staff will welcome your children from the front gate between 8:45 and 9:00 and direct them around to the classrooms  in the mornings, greeting other staff on gate duty further up the path to support them in being independent. Home time collection will be from the classroom doors as normal, between 2:50 and 3:05.

Remember to wear your mask!


This first week back Reception will be focussed on social and emotional wellbeing, teamwork, routines and expectations of behaviour. 

We will return to our timetable of taught sessions and independent learning, scaffolded by adults to support skill development, and we will be sending home reading books on Tuesdays and Fridays.

You have all become very adept at using Tapestry to document your child's learning and activities at home and we would love you to continue to record moments where they demonstrate a new skill or concept, as well as noting how they get on with reading at home. This need ony be a sentence indicating sounds/words they are struggling with, or are newly able to read independently. 


Our focus text this week is Ruby's Worry by Tom Percival, which will hopefull encourage lots of discussion around feelings and emotions as well as literacy skills. 



Carle class will replace their Forest school sessions with gardening and/or apparatus sessions until after the Easter holidays, on Thursdays and Fridays please send your child in joggers and a tshirt and trainers should be worn as our PE coaches continue their Friday sessions.

*A reminder to also send in a spare set of clothes in case of accidents, including socks please!* 


If you are required to isolate we will still provide a core subject timetable with lonks to online sessions. This will be on our remote learning page, as it was during the partial closure. 


Thankyou again for all your support as we get back into the swing of things, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Mrs Bridges 

Friday 11th December

This week has been very busy, and we are looking forward to the final very christmassy week! 

There has been christmas singing, collage and learning about the seasons and moths of the year. 


Next week we have our virtual pantomime on Monday, courtesy of the wonderful PTA. We will be ordering numbers byy practising the classic chrstmas song, the Twelve days of christmas! 

We will learn graphemes y, z, and zz in phonics and be learning to retell a familiar story by acting out scenes from the Nativity in our independent learning and role play areas. 


The week will finish at 2:50 on Friday 18th next week as usual, and over the christmas holidays we will be collating and auditing the reading books, so please bring back any reading books next week and feel free to read whatever and whenever you feel like doing it over the holidays, but remember to make the most of the family time together, playing games and being merry!


Mrs Bridges laugh​​​​​​​

Friday 4th December

Hello all, the end of another busy week and there has been so much fabulous engagement with our Christmas topic! The children have had a blast making their own beautifully personal christmas cards for someone special to them. No templates here! They will be posting their cards early next week due to the amount of extra activities and requirements in these last few weeks, but never fear, your card will be with you before christmas! 


In the upcoming week we will be moving on to Phase 3 phonics, introducing more new graphemes (j, v, w, x) and new tricky (non-decodable) words (he, she, me, be, we) BUT we will still be consolidating and assessing how they have progressed with phase 2 sounds, so please keep on practising reading at home regularly. 


Our maths will be looking at the changing seasons through the year, as we observe the transition into winter. 

And of course, our topic and literacy wirk will be focused on the Nativity story!  Speech bubbles, learning lines and following, recalling and retelling a familiar story. 


Next week - Christmas lunch is this Wednesday 9th and christmas jumper day in aid of Save the Children will be on Friday 11th. In the past we have suggested a £1 donation, however we've all been affected by covid this year and circumstances may have changed. If you feel able to send in a donation for Save the Children, please do. 


Keep warm and cosy, 

See you next week! ​​​​​​​

Friday 27.11.20

Hello all! Our space topic has been so much fun, with lots of learning about planets and our solar system. 

Next week we begin our 3 week Christmas topic with the story of the Jolly Christmas Postman, so we will be writing christmas cards and letters.

We plan to take groups for a walk to the post box at the end of the week. If you would like a christmas card made by your child to be sent home, please send in a stamped, addressed envelope before Friday 4th Dec.

We will also begin to learn the story of the nativity, watch this space for exciting news about a covid friendly way for the children to still have their first experience of a school nativity!  


Christmas in School is a very busy time! In the upcoming weeks you will see lots of communication via the newsletter and the office regarding different activities and experiences, such as christmas jumper day, special events in class etc. 

Take care everybody, 

Mrs Bridges

Friday 19.11.20

This was the first week of our 2 week Space topic, and the children have thrown themselves into the new knowledge and activities. It was lovely to be able to speak with you on our parent calls, and lovely to discuss how much progress your children have made in such a short time! 

Next week we are using the key text 'Look Up!' about a little girl who would like to be an astronomer and an astronaut. The children will be creating their own space fact books. 

We will be finishing up our teaching of Phase 2 phonics and applying that phonics knowledge to our reading and writing. 

Friday 13.11.20 - Information request and reminders


As part of our ongoing preparations for remote learning and/or class closures, we need to find out if your child has access to a device e.g. a laptop, computer or tablet, which they can access learning from, in the event that they need to isolate and/or we have a partial or full school closure.

We would also like to know if you have the internet at home and/or whether you would need support with internet access.

All of this information will be treated confidentially. We will then work with your family to ensure that your child receives appropriate support to continue learning in the event that your child is unable to attend school.

Please complete this form by clicking on the link below by Friday 20th November. 


Parent Forum

We are looking for class reps! Please consider if you can be a representative for the parents in your childs class, communicating and working with the class teacher to support parent/teacher relationships

If you would like to b einvolved please email

The first parent forum meeting will be held remotely on Thursday 3rd December at 10am.



We are delighted that so many of you are using Tapestry to share any learning that your child is doing at home. Please remember that you can add comments about your child’s reading, post videos of them reading at home and/or take photos of home learning activities e.g. phonics and maths, which they are completing at home.

Friday 13th November

Wow, what a week! The children have been managing marvellously while I have been working from isolation, thanks to the consistency of staffing from Mrs Ainsworth and Mrs Amitrano. The whole team have pulled together to support the learning and emotional wellbeing of the classes. 

Rama was divine in her special Diwali clothes and the diva lamps have been wonderful! 


Next week we begin a 2 week topic on Space! We will be learning about our planet's natural satellite, the moon, starting from the key text "Whatever next!" by Jill Murphy. We will have lots  of fun with non fiction books as well, and we are nearing the end of our Phase 2 sounds in Phonics adding in h, b, f, ff, l , ll and ss. 

We are moving onto phase 3 very soon, adding in new digraphs (two letters that make one sound, such as 'th' and 'oo') 


Please do feel free to access the remote learning resources for practice if you like, but remember the only home learning we expect to be completed is regular reading to an adult. There has been a fantastic response via Tapestry with lots of posts marked #reading so thankyou very much! 

It's lovely for us to see how engaged the children are, carrying on their love of learning into their home lives. 
If anyone is missing my lovely face, there is a whole section of storytime videos on our video centre so enjoy! 


Have a safe and restful weekend. 

Mrs B  

Pinned post - Timetable

Here is a guide to the class day in Reception, we are a busy bunch!

If you are learning from home you could use this as a guide to the amount of time we expect children to be static and attentive, it's generally accepted to be twice your age in minutes, so we make sure the teaching includes lots of active games and opportunities to get up and move. Young children learn in a very physical and holistic way, so if you can find a rhyme, song or a dance to accompany the learning, it's far more likely to stick!


8:50- 9:05

Settling in - the children have games tailored to key skills: fine motor (ie threading/pegging) reading practice, jigsaw puzzles etc

9:05- 9:20

Carpet time - register, calendar (days of the week, dates & month) weather, timetable of the day

9:20 -9:45

Phonics- Recap grapemes learned so far, teach new graphemes, practice seeing/saying the new grapheme in words, apply to a short sentence or a game


Independent learning: provision includes activities to practise the skills taught in carpet sessions, 1:1 reads, additional small group practice for targeted support.

11:30 - 11:50

Maths- Usually starts with a counting song! Exploring concepts of maths, making connections to prior knowledge, we use White Rose to support our planning and coverage


Lunch time in the hall

Quiet reading in class, guided reading 1:6 with class teacher

Registration and playtime on the playground


Independent learning, provision as for AM


Collective worship and time to get things for home

2:50 - 3:05

Reception hometime

Friday 6th November

Back to school with a bang, fizz, woosh! We hope you all enjoyed bonfire night safely. The children have been busy this week with our key story book, Peace at last by Jill Murphy, sequencing and re-enacting the story complete with all the noises that kept poor Daddy Bear awake! 


Next week we will be celebrating Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, learning the story of Rama and Sita. If you celebrate Diwali in your family, please feel free to come in your special clothes on monday, Rama will be in her Sari teaching us all labout how she celebrates. 

We will also be learning about why we observe Remembrance Day and holding a respectful silence on Wednesday, Nov 11th. 


Have a lovely weekend! 

Mrs Bridges and Miss Turk

Half Term!

Hello everybody! I hope you are all having a good week, keeping safe and enjoying the Autumn weather(!) When we come back to school we will be starting our topic 'Don't be afraid of the dark!' and exploring stories, concepts and festivals, all comnnected to the darker days and longer nights as we go into winter. 

We start with a focus on fireworks and study the Jill Murphy book, Peace at last.

Remember, Monday 2nd November is an INSET day, so don't come to school til Tuesday! 


Mrs Bridges ​​​​​​​

Friday 16th October

Another busy week has flown by! This week the children have been exploring British wildlife and learning about nocturnal, diurnal and crepuscular animals (What lovely long words!) We have read stories about autumn and how animals change their behaviour, either to get nice and full up for hibernation or storing food to keep them going if they are staying awake through the cold months. 

OUr maths investigations have been amazing, with children really thinking deeply about the composition of numbers. For instance, would you say trousers are 1 or 2? They are a plural (a pair of trousers) but they come as one object! 

And what do traffic lights, toblerone and triceratops have in common....?  (pop quiz on Monday!) 

Thankyou for the return of reading books, new books have been issued and if your child has a sheet of letters, they are for you to cut out and use as flashcards to practice recognising the letter shapes and you can use them to make cvc words, you will find a list on the remote learning page. 


Next week is the final week of the first half term, and the end of our autumn/harvest focus. We will be making bread together and tasting our loaves, and we have the Freshwater theatre group coming in for a performance celebrating Black History Month! 


Next weeks learning will focus on consolidating the first few weeks learning. There will be no new sounds but lots of practise with the blending and segmenting skills. For information to help you support your child with these skills, check out which is a parents guide! 

Likewise there will be a continued focus on the composistion of numbers. Pease use the white rose remote learning link if you would like to do some learning at home, even if you're not isolating, but just for fun! 


A reminder that Forest School is now Tuesday for Carle class - so if your waterproofs came home for a much needed wash, we will need them again by then. 

Friday 9th October

The children have loved being in the mud and the outside area this week. Thank you to all who have provided waterproofs or puddle suits, these have been well used and the children are getting very efficient at changing in and out of them! Please remember that we cannot allow children to share wellies or waterproofs so each child will need their own to stay at school.

The harvest donations have been amazing! Thanks for your generosity; I know the Croydon Night Watch volunteers will appreciate it.

Next week we are focusing on British wildlife as an extension of our Autumn topic.
Phonics sounds for next week are g, o, c, k, and ck (our first digraph!)
Maths is an exploration of the numbers 1, 2, and 3. This will include fluency with the name, numeral, and representations of the numbers – for instance if a bike is 2, a trike is 3.

Please remember to return your permission slip for the Freshwater Theatre visit!

Have a lovely weekend J  

Friday 2nd October 2

Autumn is well and truly here now, thank you to all parents who have brought a pair of wellies to stay at school through the week. This is recommended as it means the children can access as much of our environment as possible.

This week your child has come home with a paper bag for collecting autumn treasures – this can be from a walk with your child or from your garden. Please return the bags filled with treasures next week and we will use them in our maths!

Next week your child will be issued a home reading book llinked to the phonics sounds they are working on in class.  Due to the need to quarantine books, we will issue books on Friday and ask that they be returned on Tuesday so they can be safely sent home with another child on the following Friday.

Have a lovely weekend!