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Donaldson Class

Remote learning for week beginning 2/11/21

Use the links to take you to govenrment approved resources for home learning

remember to read together and post any learning you do on your Tapestry journal so wee can celebrate it with you! 



Welcome back to school! 

We're beginning autumn 2, and the change in clocks and weather is evidence of the change in season. 

We are exploring concepts relating to light and dark starting with the animals that live around us and come out in the dark and celebrating Diwali. We will be learning about the night sky and space before we focus on the festival of Christmas! 


Now we are truly into the wet and cold weather, please take a moment to chceck that your childs belongings ALL have their name written clearly visible, where they can see, so that they can find their posessions when they want them - yes, even hats and gloves! wink

We look forward to seeing you for parents evening on the 18th of November so we can celebrate their learning and progress. 


See you soon! 

Mrs B & Rama

Remote learning Autumn 1 week 4







Literacy – The Noisy House

(Oak National)

In this lesson, we will learn how to listen to and respond to a story through games and nursery rhymes.

In this lesson, we will learn how to draw a story map after we have told the story of 'The Noisy House' together.

In this lesson, we will learn how to 'step out' a story through learning a nursery rhyme

In this lesson, we will use actions learned through learning a nursery rhyme to mime a story.

In this lesson, we will learn how to tell a story independently through learning a nursery rhyme


Phase 2

Learn to read /s/

Learn to read /a/

Learn to read /t/

Learn to read /p/

Review the week


Matching and sorting

watch each days session and complete the activity – see downloads below



Make your own owl babies from fir cones and cotton wool. Use your owlets to retell the story.

Use the sequencing cards to put the story in the right order.

What happens at the beginning, the middle and the end?


(See downloads below)

Look through family photos.

Can you find a picture of yourself as a baby? How were you different then? Are there things you couldn’t do then, but you can now?


Find a picture of one of your grown ups as a baby. Can you see how you were similar?

Owl Babies Picture Book Animation

Phonics - monday

learn to read /s/

phonics - tuesday

learn to read /a/

phonics wednesday

learn to read /t/

phonics - thursday

Learn to read /p/

phonics - friday

review the weeek

Welcome to Donaldson Class!

Welcome to Receptions web page, where we will update you with what's going on throughout the year.

The first week of settling in, although just 4 mornings and a bit, has been wonderful. The children have taken on so much new knowlegde - from where to put their belongings and where to go and not go, to learning the expectations of learning and behaviour, Rama and mysel are very proud of them! 

Next week is Autumn 1 Week 3 and we will base all our learning activities around a central theme of "All about me and my family".


A knowledge organiser is a document that summarises the learning objectives, key vocabulary and books being used in a unit of work. They are designed to help you support your child's learning by giving you information to support your activities and conversations at home. 

You can use the books listed as bedtime stories, talk about experiences in class and practice using the vocabulary in context - or even reading shorter words (such as mum and dad!).