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Family Wellbeing

Welcome to the Family Wellbeing page, where you will find various information that we hope will support your family.  As Family Wellbeing Lead I will keep the page updated and try my best to provide you with a variety of information, if there is anything you would like added feel free to let me know.

In respect of your children, firstly, I can promise you, I’ll never work with your child without you knowing, I want us to work together to find the way forward so we’ll always have a chat before we move on to the next steps.

If your child needs a little bit of extra support in school for instance for reassurance, a short time out to gather their thoughts, time to talk through any anxiety, we will find a way.

Alternatively, there might be a bigger issue, perhaps while we wait for a CAMHS referral or while we are finding out what is stopping your child from learning. I’m a qualified Thrive Practitioner, which in general terms means that I like to help children find their confidence and love of learning through play activities, so a visit to me won’t be alarming in any way, for now, just be rest assured that I’ll always explain next steps with you.


Then there’s you, the adults in the family.

It would be amazing if we could all go through life without a care in the world but there will always be “something” that might be keeping you awake at night. If there is, come and have a chat with me, I can promise you I doubt you’ll bring a problem with you that I haven’t either experienced myself or helped someone else to deal with. I promise to work non-judgementally, because realistically we all live life in different ways. I believe the most important factors to establishing a workable relationship with any family is Trust & Respect, both qualities have to be earned, and will take time, I’m prepared for that. We cannot expect a family to meet a professional for the first time and feel comfortable to offload their innermost emotions, so don’t be worried about what I might ask you, you’ll be leading the way. Here’s to a successful term, you can contact me on, phone my work mobile 07999447349, phone the school and leave me a message or leave a message with any member of the staff team and I’ll call you back.



Kind regards

Linda Smith

Family Wellbeing Lead





Some of you are becoming familiar with my alternative title and may already know that I'm a Licensed Thrive Practitioner. The web site "The Thrive Approach" offers a free resource that you might find useful for helping your children to understand what is happening to us all during the log process of  COVID, if you feel the same as I do, it's becoming increasingly difficult to tell our children "We can't do that at the moment", we are so used to being able to make our children happy and content that feeling helpless is unfamiliar to us isn't it. 


If you are feeling wobbly, have a look at the Thrive Approach website, or better still, come in for a cuppa with me and we'll find some ways to help you and your family feel better:

Family Group

Families with younger siblings are invited to join the family group on Wednesday mornings, 9.15-10.30. 

The sessions are for families to relax together, we will always set up some activities for your children, including a story and some singing together at the end of the session.

Tea and coffee is available plus fruit for the children.

Useful links for supporting families of children with sensory needs.

From time to time I speak to parents about what support is out in the community.  This conversation happens a lot when parents are worried about Special Educational Needs. 

Maybe you have questions that you are afraid to ask or maybe you are afraid of the answers.  As Family Wellbeing Lead I work very closely with a parent local to the community call Ola Malanska.  Ola is the parent of an autistic boy who set up the Caterham SEN Parents facebook page, quickly gaining followers from families who needed support and advice.  


For parents who would like to know more about how to support sensory processing disorders, have a look at the Caleidescope web site :


Other useful Facebook Forums include:

  • Playful Parents, supporting behaviour using play
  • Healing Hearts Play Therapy
  • Child & Adolescent Mental Health & Wellbeing Collaboration
  • EHCP Support Group
  • Sensory Play for Kids of All Ages
  • Supporting Anxious Families
  • Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids
  • ACE's for all in Education
  • Sensory Ideas for Kids