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maths resources

3D shapes! 


Watch the song below to revise the names and properties of 3D shapes;


Then look around your home and local area to find 3D shapes! 

When you have collected some 3D shapes use them to build a 3D model

Properties of 3D shapes - a reminder of the vocabulary 

With 2D shapes we talk about the fact that they can only go across and up, but not out. THey have no depth and cannot be picked up, such as a drawing. 

With 3D shapes we can pick them up, they have width, length and depth. 


2D shapes have sides and corners, with 3D shapes we refer to the flat faces, where two faces meet we have an edge, and where 2 or more edges meet there are vertices (the pointy bit!).



Months of the year - if you would like to work out your families birthdays, plot them on this wheel of the year. Are you a summer baby?