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Reading confidently and fluently is vital if children are to make good progress in their learning and reach their potential in life. It is therefore given high priority. Children read with the staff every week and volunteers also hear children read in school. There are many 'hidden' opportunities to read in school e.g. self registration, peg labels, hymns and songs in collective worship, shared reading and writing in class.


The school uses a variety of books to motivate children and help them make the best possible progress. These include the Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby PM & Stars and Collins Big Cat series. The children are assessed using the Rigby PM benchmarking system to support the staff in deciding when a child is ready to move onto the next colour band.  This is particularly helpful because it not only checks that the children's word reading skill is strong enough, but also that they understand and can discuss what they have read including answering straightforward retrieval questions, more complex inference and deduction questions and those about the text as a whole e.g. its structure or theme.


If you would like to hear the 44 sounds that the 26 letters of the alphabet can make, please visit the website below and scroll down to the 'Phonics audio guide: how to say the sounds'.