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Friday 25th September

A wet and windy week this week, but lots of fun and learning going on. We've had beautiful pasta necklaces carefully threaded and worn with delight. 

Next week we will be focusing on babies and how we grow and change. If you can email a baby picture to share with the children that would be lovely!

Send them to


We are starting Phonics phase 2 this upcoming week, beginning with the graphemes s,a,t,p and practising aural blending and segmenting (can the children hear the sounds in a word) and oral blending and segmenting (can the children make the correct sounds in the corrent order). 

Our home learning page has links to support you at home, even if you are not isolating. 




Friday 18th September 2020

Now the children have started full days and they have been magnificent! From managing all the routines around lunchtimes and lessons to their first PE lessons and Forest school sessions. What a corking week it has been! 

We are continuing to learn about your children as individuals and finding out their individual strengths in order to tailor our curriculum going forward. You will find that our plans are very fluid and change according to the interests of the children. This is to ensure that they are fully engaged in the work of developing their skills, which of course will happen more deeply if they are choosing the way they learn! 


Next week we will be focusing on the skills surrounding being a good friend These will include asking for things we want politely and accepting that the other person is allowed to say no! Also respecting when someone says stop, understanding the perspectives and feelings of others and living out our school values of respect, courage, wisdom, hope and love. 



Drop off/Pick up reminder

Thankyou for respecting the restrictions around bringing children to school and arriving to collect them. Given the ongoing and increasing Covid risk we are having to maintain separation between the year groups and this is made easier for all by keeping to the timetable. 


For Reception children, you may come up the path between 8:50am and 9:05am and we would ask you to move along the one way path so that the flow of people is reduced and allows for social distancing as well as supporting your children to settle quickly. Children with a sibling in year 1 or 2 may leave their reception child at the same time, again to reduce the need to wait around in close proximity.


At home time you can walk up between 2:50pm and 3:05pm. This will mean that year 1 parents can have a clear access from 3:15pm. If you have permission to drive into the car park, please ensure that you also arrive and leave between 2:50pm and 3:05pm

Thanks again for your cooporation and understanding, it makes everything run a lot smoother! 

Friday 11th September

Well done on your first week at school! 

The children have settled so well into their new routines, they have made friends and explored the learning environment. You can all be very proud of them. 

You will find a nursery rhyme sheet coming home weekly. These are rhymes we will sing in the coming week. Research from the Centre for Early Literacy Learning (CELL) has found that familiarity with nursery rhymes at an early age is beneficial for literacy development in many areas, including phonological awareness, rhyme detection and production as well as print concepts and vocabulary. We are hoping that the children will enjoy learning new rhymes and practising familiar ones at home with you! 


Please keep a look out for newsletters and emails from school as there is lots of information and reminders for you. 


Next week we will be learning about families and how our families can be very different from each other, but there are also many similarities! If you have not yet emailed a family photo please do so we can share it on our display. 


If anyone with babies or toddlers would be willing to come in for a socially distanced visit to share with the children how babies grow and change, please contact Mrs Bridges via the office on 

This is likely to be during the week beginning 28th September and would be a fabulous opportunity for the children to observe and discuss differences and similarities. 


Have a lovely weekend, we've all earned it! 

The Reception team



We are nearly there! 

School is nearly ready for you, we are busy bees, sorting everything out for you to come and explore. While you are waiting there should be some post coming your way with ideas of how to be ready for school and some reassurance that we understand that this transition might bring up lots of different emotions. This page will be one of the places where you can see updates on what we will be doing in school and anything you need to be aware of or prepare for, so consider bookmarking this site so you can get back here whenever you like! 

It's time to say goodbye (for now)...

This is the last few days of your reception year and many of you are still learning from home. Mrs Styles and I want to tell you how much we have missed you and being with you in class. I know we are trying our best to stay safe and keep learning, but it has been a little bit strange and we wish it has been different. 

We will still see you when you return in september, we are only down the corridor! I  know how excited Mrs Stratton and Mrs Morrison are to get to know you too. Until then, have a lovely summer, take care of your families and keep safe. 


Lots of love, 

Mrs Bridges & Mrs Styles heart


Week beginning 1st June 2020

Hello Ahlbergers! Welcome to Summer 2. This last half term of the school year is still unusual and perhaps still unsettled for you and your family. We hope you are keeping well and safe!


If you are still learning from home there will be some active learning projects to explore in this beautiful early summer weather, keep your eyes peeled for the maths you can find in nature (there's a whole project on snails coming up!), the art and patterns you can see and the stories you can make up and tell using what you can see around you. 


Lots of love from Mrs Bridges and Mrs Styles! laugh

Welcome to the new class blog! 

We will be updating you through this page and home learning activity plans can be found on our Home Learning page

For this week and next, which would have been our Easter Holidays, please have a look at this link to Classroom Secrets where there are Easter activity ideas for you to do together. 


While we are staying home to stay safe, let's keep in mind that family is so very important to us all. We can remember that we are all part of a wider family; from our close relations, to our communities and the wider national and global family. We are all connected, and depend on each other.
At this time of year, we remember the promise of the resurrection, that there is always hope and grace and a new future ahead of us, even though it might be hard to see or understand at the present time.
Whether or not you hold a christian faith, we can all pull together at this time and remember times in our lives where it seemed most difficult just before it started to improve. So be assured that your teachers are thinking of you, planning for you and missing you very much!  Don't eat too much chocolate, wash those hands and we will see you soon angel


A very happy Easter from Mrs Bridges and Mrs Styles



Welcome to Reception!

Hello from Ahlberg Class!

On this page you will find information about the exciting things we have been doing in our learning.


Life in Reception

We love school in Reception! It all starts with building relationships, Mrs Bridges and Mrs Styles welcome the children in between 8:35 and 8:55. We put our coats on pegs, then put our bookbags, water bottles and reading wallets in their place. We are free to choose books to share at home every day, the adults choose a decodable reading book for reading practice once a week after we have read with an adult 1:1.

At 8:55 we greet each other at registration and change the calendar, singing our days of the week song, talking about our observations of the weather and the changes of the seasons.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we attend collective worship with the Reverend Helen. On Monday and Wednesday collective worship is held in our class. Our first taught session is literacy, this is a combination or reading, composition for writing and Talk 4 Writing, a system for learning a story or text through verbal rehearsal, action and symbols. To find out more visit Pie Corbetts’s website:

Wednesdays are brilliant fun! We come to school dressed in PE clothes (tshirt and joggers) so we can go straight to PE at 11am and after lunch Mrs Amitrano takes us into the grounds for Forest school, so we need a waterproof outerlayer because we go out rain or shine, snow or wind!

Between 9:30/9:45 and 11:20 we have Independent Learning time. During this period we explore the environment and independently access provision designed to practice the skills and apply the concepts from our taught sessions. Adults will engage with the children to observe, extend, scaffold and assess learning. Our learning experiences are recorded on the online learning journal, Tapestry which is a free app you can use to access the observations and add your own from home!

We tidy up at 11:20 in preparation for our daily phonics session. We learn phase 2 sounds to begin with, one a day with lots of practise recognising, hearing and saying the sounds, then blending them into words.

12:00 is lunchtime and after eating we go out to play in the grounds. We often climb in the castle and swing on the climbing frame or trim trail!

At 1:00 we register for the afternoon and then we have Numbertime! Maths is especially fun as we explore the patterns of numbers and shapes all around us. There are maths activities out in Independent Learning too, which we have more of in the afternoon, after maths and until 2:30.

After Independent learning we might have RE, where we learn bible stories and take part in the Christian calendar of events. We also learn about other religious traditions from other faiths and reflect on compassion, relationships and how to live our lives the way God intends. On other days we practice forming our letters in handwriting. Before we go home, we say a prayer to thank God for our day, our friends and adults who care for us and ask for a blessing to take us into the next day.


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