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Guidance on illnesses and periods that children need to be kept away from school.


Good attendance is vital; it ensures that your child is given every opportunity to develop both academically and socially and establishes a positive work ethic in life whilst demonstrating that you value education.


We strongly encourage parents not to take their children on holiday during term time. Evidence suggests that frequent absence hinders a child's progress and their future. However, we appreciate that young children, especially those who have just started school, take some time to build up resistance to 'bugs'! We do ask though, that you inform the school by 9.30am as to why they are absent on each day of absence and that, once your child is on the mend, they return to school as soon as possible.


Good attendance is celebrated at the end of every term. If a child's attendance drops below an acceptable level, parents will be informed. Where this situation persists, the Inclusion Officer from the Local Authority may become involved. The Governors have decided they may implement their right to fine parents.


The school also stresses the importance of children arriving at and being collected from school on time. If they arrive late, precious adult time has to be given to the latecomer to understand what the class is learning. When a child does not arrive punctually, it is also likely to have a negative effect on their progress.


If your child attends the school, please work with us to give them the best possible start.


Raising attendance is a priority for our school and to help parents/carers understand attendance better we have introduced a 'Traffic Light' rating system to enable you to see where your child is in relation to attendance.


% attendance





Perfect attendance. Making the most of everyday in school

96% and above


Good attendance. Achieving our school target



Needs to improve. Missing out on learning

90% and below


Cause for concern. Missing too much learning time



Application for leave of absence for exceptional circumstances

Please complete and submit this form if you want the Headteacher to consider your request for your child’s leave of absence for exceptional circumstances. We may ask for proof to validate your request.