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WALT: identify features of a text. 


Using the model text below of 'Kassim and the Ferocious Dragon, can you identify some of the tools we have been learning about over the last few weeks. 

Use a highlighter or a different coloured pen to identify the following:
- sentence openers

- suffixes

- conjunctions 

- similes

-powerful verbs 


Can you label each tool which you find in the text map. 

Wednesday - 

WALT: box up a warning story. 


Today we are going to be thinking about the structure of a warning story so that we can plan our own. 

Think about what type of story you would like to write. 

Go through the boxing up sheet and discuss the structure of a warning story. 


Now using the boxing up sheet, can you use the events of Kassim and the Ferocious dragon to plot these into the structure of a warning story. 


WALT: innovate a warning story.


Today we are planning our own version of Kassim and the Ferocious dragon. 


Have a think about changing the main character and the threat that the main character faces. 

What could your main character look like? What are they like as a person? 

Think about changing the threat. Is it a ferocious dragon? Is it a big foot? Is it a mean giant? 


Using the text map attached, can you use a post it to change the character and the threat. 




WALT: write the beginning of a warning story. 


Today we will be writing up the first part of the text map. 

If you look at both your boxing up sheet, and the text map, orally practice your introduction to the story. 


Once you have done that, have a go at writing the introduction to Kassim and the Ferocious dragon.