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Curriculum Intent



At St Peter and St Paul our curriculum is designed to build upon prior learning, improve communication skills, promote creativity, broaden knowledge and equip pupils with the skills that they will need in future life.


Our intentions are:

· To provide pupils with ambition and a love of learning whilst ensuring high attainment across the curriculum

· To deliver an aspirational curriculum, designed for depth of understanding across all subjects and all pupil groups

· To support pupils to develop the communication skills, courage and resilience that they need to embrace their  future lives with confidence as God intended them to

· To develop the whole child by promoting personal development and explicitly teaching strategies to stay physically and mentally healthy

· To provide a wide range of opportunities for learning beyond the classroom

· To ensure love is at the heart of all that we do and that our values of Hope, Courage, Wisdom and Respect are lived out throughout our school community and beyond


Curriculum Drivers

Careful analysis and discussion about our community as well as our pupils’ backgrounds, life experiences and faith has helped us to design a curriculum with four key drivers underpinning every subject area. 




 Speaking and listening lies at the heart of our curriculum. 

Pupils are explicitly taught the

vocabulary and grammatical structures needed to 

communicate well as we believe that all  pupils should be able to express themselves clearly for a range of purposes.





Staff have  high expectations for learning for all pupils and encourage them to challenge themselves by

going into the  ‘learning pit.’

Staff employ a range of

learning powered

approaches to develop their pupil’s independence,

initiative, determination, and love of learning.

Pupils are taught that their voice is important and that they can  make a difference  to their local, national and global communities.






A topic based approach

provides cohesion and

context  whilst ensuring that key knowledge, vocabulary and skills are taught.

Learning is presented  and recorded in a number of ways and opportunities for art and design are maximised.

Knowledge of the World


Pupils work towards acquiring a depth of learning and knowledge, alongside an awareness of the wider world and their place in it.

Our curriculum encourages pupils to develop the self-belief

to embrace their future lives with confidence as God intended them to.

We offer a breadth of experiences beyond the classroom and

provide a wide range of

opportunities to stretch pupils’ talents and interests.

Please click on the link below to be taken to further information about our curriculum including overviews detailing the specific knowledge and skills that are taught in each subject.