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Home learning week beginning 19.10.20


Leaf sorting – if you have access to a garden or a green space, collect leaves and sort by shapes, number of lobes, size and colour

Watch the story book video Leaf Man (link below) Use

leaves to make a picture; stick a leaf down and give it arms and legs,

Draw on a face with felt pen

Baking bread!

Find a simple recipe and measure the ingredients, discuss senses at you mix and knead the dough. Observe changes as it proves and bakes. Compare your bread to a shop bought loaf


Revise the sounds learned so far and practise blending skills – say the sounds one at a time, then blend them together to make a word.

Cut and stick phase 2 cvc words –

Identify the word, then find the letters you need and put them in order.

(link below)

Make your own flashcards of cvc words using the phase 2 set 3 sounds:


sat, pat, tap, sap, sip, sit, tip, it, is, sit, pit, pip,

nip, pan, pin, man, mat, map, mad, sad, dim, dip
tag, gig, gap, nag, sag, gas, pig, dig, got, not, pot

top, dog, pop, can, cot, cop, cap, can, cod, kit


Practice writing your name. Be sure to remember the only capital letter is the first one!

Write some of the cvc words in our phonics list above. Can you put them into a simple sentence?

Ie – I can sit

Make a number book,

Folding A4 paper into pages, give each page a number and stick pictures or draw representations of the numbers 1-5


Find representations of 4

Wheels on a car, legs on an animal, table or chair,

4 roads at a junction, squares and rectangles etc

Find representations of 5

Digits on a hand, toes on a foot, pentagons, 5 currant buns song, 5 days at school, etc

Cut & Stick phonics sheets - practice your segmenting and blending, and fine motor skills too!


Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. Read by Mr. Adam and his little EDventurers! For the worksheets and art project that go along with this book visit: https://www.teac...

Lowercase Alphabet using Writing Wizard App

Home learning for week beginning 12.10.20








Drawing woodland animals from photos – concentrate on the enclosing shapes first then add detailed features.

Painting your animal picture with watercolours, gentle application of paint, colour mixing

Salt dough hedgehogs

Mix the dough, shape into a palm sized oval, add spines – little twigs, broken spaghetti etc

Observation from life/books about differing habitats, pre-winter behaviours

(storing food for non hibernators, feeding up for hibernators)

Similarities and differences

British wildlife: lots of furred animals (cold climate), defensive prickles on hedgehogs and conker cases – why? Etc


g – review sounds learned so far


What starts with ‘g’

Blend cvc words using ‘g’

o – review sounds learned so far


What starts with ‘o’

Blend cvc words using ‘o’

c – review sounds learned so far


What starts with ‘c’

Blend cvc words using ‘c’

k – review sounds learned so far


What starts with ‘k’

Blend cvc words using ‘k’

ck – digraph = 2 letters that make one sound

spot it in words






The number 1

Name – ‘one’

Pictoral representation

Collecting 1 of a given collection,

Circle have one side.

People have one nose etc

The number 2

Name – two

Select 2 that are the same/alike

Semicircle has 2 lines and 2 corners

Bikes have 2 wheels

People have 2 eyes etc

The number 3

Name – three

Collections of 3 like things,

Pictoral representations of 3




Etc – can they see the link?

Comparison and sorting of collections of 1,2,& 3


Differentiating between these









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