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How Do We Talk To Our Friends? 


Think about the key question above. How do we talk to our friends? 

- Do you tell them how you are? How you are feeling? Do you listen to them?


In most faiths, people talk to God or their gods through prayer; prayer is 'talking' to God. Some people can be saying thank you, sorry, please... or anything else that they want to say to God. 


When we talk to people we usually use their name. 


Do you know what the most famous prayer for Christians is? 

It is the Lord's Prayer. 

- This is the most famous prayer for Christians all over the world and it comes from the Bible. It is a prayer which Jesus taught his disciples when they asked Him how to pray and it begins with a name for God: Father. 


Have a moment to think about who cares for you. 

Create a mind map of people in your lives who look after us and care for us. 

- What qualities do they have?

- What do they do for us to show that they love/care for us?


Why do you think that Christians believe that God is their ultimate carer? 


Have a look at the Lord's Prayer below. 

What do you think some of the words mean?