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At St Peter and St Paul, our vision for RE is to ensure that our pupils are taught the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare them to navigate an ever changing world and support them to hold balanced and well-informed conversations about religion and belief.


We aim to enable our pupils to appreciate religion and develop an understanding of the beliefs and practices of religious groups found in our local and global society.   



At St Peter and St Paul, our RE curriculum is designed to build upon prior learning and teach our pupils to be religiously literate; developing the necessary knowledge and understanding of Christianity as well as other religions. 


Our weekly RE lessons will provide opportunities for all pupils to engage meaningfully with biblical texts as well as develop an understanding of the beliefs, rituals, and practices that help form identity in a range of religions and world views. Pupils will also be taught to question, analyse and reflect on their learning in a respectful way.








Pupils will be assessed against knowledge and understanding statements at the end of a term and/or unit of work in RE. This is inline with how we track and assess reading, writing and maths.


Moderation of RE books and pupil voice activities will be undertaken to support teachers in reaching their judgements and to also ensure teacher assessment takes account of the specific skills objectives which cannot be assessed in the same way as knowledge and understanding.


We communicate pupil progress in RE with parents and carers each academic year. 

For further information about our approach to teaching RE, please read the policy below.