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Year 2 home learning for the weeks beginning the 1st and 8th June

Year 2 home learning resources- Summer 2

Dear Dahl class,


I hope you and your families are all well. As we go in to the last half term in year 2 and your time at St Peter and St Paul, I'm sure you're all having mixed emotions. Myself and all of the staff at school are here for you. Please contact us if you need us. We do have a new way that you can contact me- we now have a blogging page which you can access via our home learning main page. If you post a message on to our class page I will check and approve posts every Friday and I will be able to send you a message back. 

Things are starting to change and somewhat starting to relax but we must still remember to be extremely careful. We don't know what is going to happen over the next few weeks, we can only wait and see. 

Our home learning will be slightly different and there will be lots of activities to complete based around mental health, emotions, creative projects, RE, science and our new topic- seasides. 

I will direct you to many useful websites so please enjoy. There may be less worksheets (you'll be glad to hear I'm sure and more creative and research projects). 

You must all be professionals now at making endless amounts of cups of tea for your parents wink

I would suggest trying to do a similar daily timetable as before: PE- Joe Wicks, 1 Phonics, 1 English, 1 Maths and a topic of your choice for the afternoon. We don't expect you to do all of the activities but we'd like to give you some options to keep your brains learning. Your mental and physical health is the most important thing right now and we understand that completely. Please do look after yourselves. 

Please ensure any work accessed online is done so alongside an adult at home and e-safety rules are followed. A curriculum map and knowledge organisers are accessible on here so you can see what we would normally be covering and you can do some of this work at home if you wish to do so, even if we haven't set it. Some of the sub-pages may not have anything on them when you look but they will get updated as and when I complete the activities for you. 

Thinking of you and all of your families. We really do miss you! 


Dahl class- keep smiling, keep in touch and as always, keep washing those hands!

Miss Heppenstall heart

Timetable week beginning 8th June, 2020


This is a suggested timetable of learning and is a bit looser in terms of following but hopefully there are still lots of fun activities for you to choose from. Please choose a variety of activities to complete each day but try to include at least one Phonics, English and Maths, just as we would at school.

Please try to do Joe Wicks PE lessons each day as we will be doing these in school.



This week our phonics focus is on the Year 2 common exception words and there are many fun activities to try. There are also some phonics activity word mats. 

Please choose the resources you want to complete and print only that page. There are many resources on here so be careful when you're printing not to print everything. 

Also, there are many downloadable resources and games to play. Have fun!



There is a SAT's reading paper 1 to try - even if you don't attempt it, have a look out of interest. Learning this week links to our theme of Seasides, Grace Darling! 



The Maths will carry on the same as we have been doing on the White Rose website. The video links are still available on there but the resources aren’t. Please access all the resources, including answers, through the Maths subpage in our home learning.



Topic lessons will range across the weeks from PSHE, RE, Science, Geography History, Art, DT, ICT, PE and Forest School activities. There won’t be a lesson for each of these every week, they will be rotated.


PSHE- mental health

This week focuses on mindfulness and we will be doing a lot of this with the children in our bubble. 


World Oceans Day 8th June

Today is World Oceans Day, this fits in perfectly with our theme so please have fun exploring it!

There is a section for this and many resources. 


Again- linking to our seaside theme- this lesson is called 'Where are our seasides?' It will involve research via websites, books, even your own knowledge about seasides that you've been to. 


Theme lesson

Create your own collage of the seaside. Be as creative as you can and use the resources available to you in the house. Dried food such as pasta is a great resource. Or even crisps like Elsie did- see the blog. Take your time and plan your design first.