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WALT: use similes to describe a setting. 

Recap what a simile is. 'A simile is...'

Look at the following picture, can you verbally create a sentence using a simile to describe the setting. 


Using this picture can you write some sentences using a simile in each sentence. 


WALT: use conjunctions to extend sentences. 

Read through the story of 'Kassim and the ferocious dragon'. 


Recap what a simile is. 

A simile compares two things using the words 'like' or 'as'. 


Today our focus is on conjunctions. 

Conjunctions are used to extend sentences. 

Create a mind map of different conjunctions you can use within your sentence. 


Use the picture of the dragon below to describe what the dragon is like using lots of description. 

Remember to include:

- similes


-interesting adjectives 



WALT: use sentence openers 


Watch this video on Sentence openers

Recap what a sentence opener is. We have learnt this last term. 

'A sentence opener is a...'


'One morning, the girl got ready to go to school.' 

My sentence is quite boring, would you be able to make it more interesting, include a good sentence opener, lots of adjectives and some similes. 


Create a word bank for sentence openers. 


Using the pictures on the document, create some descriptive sentences using a sentence opener and similes. 



WALT: use -est suffix within a description. 


Practice reading the story again. 


Today we are looking at the -est suffix. 

What is a suffix? 

'A suffix is...'


We use the -est suffix when we are comparing one thing to all of the other things in the same group. 


Use the following words, can you transfer the root adjective into the superlative. 

- bright

- clear 

- long 

- fine 

- calm

- brave

- healthy 

- old

- fast

- great

- large


Look at the pictures on the document, can you create sentences using the superlative. Write the root into the superlative.