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Additional resources if your child is secure with the learning contained in the video above

Read the words containing the digraph 'ow.' How is the 'ow' pronounced in each word? Can you sort them into those where the 'ow' makes an 'ow' and those where the 'ow' makes an 'oa'?

There is also a short story for you to read.

The above activities focus on the alternative spelling of 'sh' in words.

'Sh' can be written as:

'ci' e.g. in the word official

'ti' e.g. in the word potion

'ch' e.g. in the word chef

'ss' e.g. in the word possession

's' e.g. in the word sugar


Please complete the activity above which focuses on the alternative spellings of 'n.' 

Read the words listed in the activity above. Can you hear how the 'ou' in some of these words makes 'oo'?

Then try to see if you can remember how to write could, should and would.

Please revisit the alternative spellings for 'oa' by completing the activity above.